20 Years of Pioneering Research & Development

Helsinki Memory Technologies Oy (HMT Oy) was formed in March 2013 as an offshoot of an innovative collaboration agreement between Pendrell Corporation (NASDAQ: PCO) and Nokia Corporation (News).

The HMT team is continuing more than fifteen years of research and development into embedded MultiMediaCard (e•MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Universal Flash Storage (UFS) and other leading edge ManagedNAND storage interfaces and technologies. To date, this research and development has generated more than 200 patents and patent applications, many of which have been declared standards essential.  A member of the HMT team is listed as an inventor in more than 150 patents and patent applications which form more than 40 patent families. We are focused on new innovations and have deep experience in different patenting related matters.

Helsinki Memory Technologies is a member of JEDEC® (www.jedec.org), the global standards setting body for the microelectronics industry.  We are also a member of the SD Association (www.sdcard.org), the standards body defining SD memory card technologies, and an SDALA licensee.

Our Expertise

Technical Consultation and Memory Design Services Provided

HMT’s expertise covers different aspects of mobile solid state storage sub-systems including hardware technologies, interfaces and protocols, software, standardization, component quality and approval process methods, testing, etc. Our extensive technical experience, in-depth information and resources, and up-to-date industry knowledge create an ideal foundation to provide our clients with targeted, high-value, and cost-effective technical consultation and services in the area of solid state storage technologies.

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